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        Magnetic performance map
        Magnetic performance map
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              Tianjin Sanhuan Lucky New Materials Co. , Ltd. , established in 1990, the controlling shareholder of Zhongke Sanhuan (Stock Code: 000970) is a representative enterprise of China Rare Earth permanent magnet industry and one of the world's largest manufacturers of ndfeb permanent magnets. Since its inception, the company HAS BEEN COMMITTED TO R & D, production, sales, high-quality sintered ND-FE-B, annual production capacity of more than 6000 tons, is an important production base in the third ring.
              The company's products are widely used in automotive drive motors, artificial intelligence equipment, high-quality sensors, energy-saving appliances, elevator motors, permanent magnet direct-drive wind generators, consumer electronics, nuclear magnetic resonance and other fields. Three-ring happy with excellent product quality and perfect service to win the United States, Germany, Japan and representative of New Energy Automotive Enterprises and other applications of well-known customers trust and praise.

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        Enterprise Address:No.22 Hongze Road, Tianjin Economical and Technological Development Area

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